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Linden Dean

Linden Dean

Contemporary Naïve Artist

Linden grew up in Bairnsdale in East Gippsland, then spent 14 years in Melbourne studying and working as a primary school teacher.

She returned to Bairnsdale in 1985 and now lives on the edge of town with a view up the Clifton Creek.

She shares this view with her husband, Pete. Their sons, Lachlan and Nicholas, live in Melbourne.

During a recent trip to Japan, Linden bought washi paper and is experimenting with it by incorporating it into her watercolour paintings.

New Japan inspired images can be found on the Limited Edition Prints page.

In 2010 Linden was invited to participate in the 43rd annual naive art workshops at the Gallery of Naive Art in Trebnje, Slovenia. The work she produced there (Coming home) is now part of the permanent collection. (

In 2014 Linden’s artworks were selected to be represented by the Agora Gallery in Chelsea, New York. ( Some of her artworks were in a group exhibition at the gallery from May 19 – June 9, 2015.

Linden's images have been adopted for a variety of uses over the years: two book covers, a calendar, a magazine, a report, and as postcards.

Graces pool
The three Graces at the pool
Loy Yang Power
Calendar 1998 (December)

Soul purpose
Looking forward, looking back
The Soul Purpose
by Dinah Van Swol-Jarvis 2003

Last supper
The last supper
Used on cover of
Not so naive: The multi-skilling of women through naive art
Report for Adult Community and Further Education conference

These naïve style paintings by the Bairnsdale-based artist Linden Dean, are the result of artistic efforts that began in 1992, when naïve artist, Gwen Clarke returned to East Gippsland and began tutoring in this style of painting through the local adult education centre.

The definition of naïve art is extremely broad. In the beginning the artist’s style was said to be naïve if they had never painted before taking classes. With training, Linden has developed her own style and experimented with mixed media in the contemporary naïve style.

Linden always had an interest in art, passing in subjects at HSC. She then majored in art when studying at Melbourne Teachers' College, where she gained a Distinction, and since then has had various roles in primary school art rooms.
Linden has been involved in many exhibitions with the Art Naïve Gippsland group, from Lakes Entrance and Bairnsdale, to Cowwarr and Melbourne, and has had three solo exhibitions in Bairnsdale. Linden's art works take on a narrative style and often depict images focusing on social issues.

She has had her works represented on cards, book and magazine covers and international calendars, and has received three high commendations in the annual Daffodil Day Art Awards. She has sold locally, nationally and internationally, with work in collections in Slovenia, Italy, India, Argentina, Japan and the USA.

Exhibitions 1992-2016


  • Anyhow … Contemporary Art Naïve group exhibition, Butter Factory Art Space, Bairnsdale
  • Fine art for fine presents, East Gippsland Art Gallery, Bairnsdale


  • Out from down under and beyond, group exhibition, Agora Gallery, Chelsea, New York


  • Spol: Ž  (The exhibition included all female artists’ works from the collection of the Gallery of Naive Artists in Trebnje, Slovenia.)


  • Spreading the word: 21 years of Naïve Art in East Gippsland, Contemporary Art Naïve, EGAG
  • East Gippsland Artists: Part 1, The Stables Gallery, Bairnsdale
  • Fine Art for Fine Presents and Summer Showcase, EGAG
  • Naïve Art exhibition, Wyanga Park Winery, Contemporary Art Naïve, Lakes Entrance


  • Naive Five, East Gippsland Art Gallery
  • Fine Art for Fine Presents, EGAG


  • Colour my world with Stella Sakkeus, Mi Studio, Bairnsdale, April–July
  • 10x10 exhibition, The Stables Gallery, Bairnsdale, September
  • Nowa Nowa Nudes exhibition, November


  • Summer Showcase, EGAG, Bairnsdale
  • Fine Art for Fine Presents, EGAG, Bairnsdale
  • Zinc and Sunscreen exhibition, Lakes Entrance
  • Solo exhibition: Watercolour and Washi, East Gippsland Art Gallery, Bairnsdale
  • Participated in 43rd International Naïve Art workshop, Trebnje, Slovenia, June 18-26


  • Summer Showcase, EGAG, Bairnsdale
  • Fine Art for Fine Presents, East Gippsland Art Gallery, Bairnsdale


  • Nowa Nowa Nudes
  • Dancing with Chickens, East Gippsland Art Gallery, Bairnsdale
  • Based on paper, East Gippsland Art Gallery, Bairnsdale
  • Reconciliation exhibition, East Gippsland Aboriginal Art Cooperative, Bairnsdale
  • Bloomin' Winter, East Gippsland Art Gallery, Bairnsdale
  • Postcard exhibition, Linden Gallery, St Kilda


  • Fine Art for Fine Presents, East Gippsland Art Gallery
  • Page Or Not: an exhibition of artist books, EGAG, Bairnsdale
  • TAG benefit, Lakes Entrance
  • Embrace Reconciliation: EGAAC and friends, East Gippsland Aboriginal Arts Cooperative, Bairnsdale
  • Feast on East Postcard exhibition, East Gippsland Art Gallery
  • Common Ground exhibition, Lakes Entrance


  • Nowa Nowa Nudes exhibition, Nowa Nowa
  • Appetiser exhibition, East Gippsland Art Gallery, Bairnsdale
  • Fine Art for Fine Presents, East Gippsland Art Gallery


  • Nowa Nowa Nudes exhibition
  • CAN – Contemporary Art Naïve exhibition, EGAG


  • Solo exhibition Mixed Media, East Gippsland Art Gallery


  • Reality Bites The Dust, CAN – Contemporary Art Naïve, EGAG


  • Naïve Art group exhibition, Spinnaker Gallery, Paynesville
  • Art on my Sleeve, CAN– Contemporary Art Naïve Exhibition,
  • Celebrate Federation exhibition, Nicholson Street Gallery
  • Daffodil Day exhibition: Facing the Challenge
    • Award: Commended


  • Work accepted by Agora Gallery, Soho, New York
  • Rotary Art Show Lakes Entrance
    • Winner in Naïve Art and Work on Paper categories
  • Daffodil Day exhibition, Removing the Mask
    • Award: Highly commended
  • CAN exhibition, Nicholson St Gallery, Palettable
  • CAN exhibition, Cowwarr Art Space, Art on Tour: Gippsland
  • Solo exhibition, Larrikins Café, Bairnsdale Linden@Larrikins


  • CAN exhibition, Nicholson Street Gallery, Out of our Minds
  • Daffodil Day exhibition, At the Crossroads
    • Award: Outstanding category


  • From a Woman’s Point of View, Solo exhibition, Nicholson Street Gallery, Bairnsdale
  • Weird & Wonderful, Contemporary Art Naive (CAN) exhibition, Nicholson St Gallery,
  • Artful Vessels, thematic exhibition, Nicholson St Gallery
  • The Dog Show, thematic exhibition, Cowwarr Art Space


  • Group exhibition Not So Naïve, Queen Victoria Women’s Centre, Melbourne
  • Group exhibition, Art on High, Prahran
  • Annual Naive Art exhibition, Where’s Bessie Now?, Nicholson Street Gallery
  • Art on Heat, thematic exhibition. Nicholson Street Gallery


  • A Short History, Nicholson Street Gallery
  • Group exhibition Under The Influence Of Colour, Nicholson St Gallery
  • Miniatures exhibition, Nicholson Street Gallery


  • Where Have I Come From? What Am I Now? Where Am I Going? Nicholson St Gallery
  • Flights of Fantasy at Nicholson Street Gallery


  • Art Naive Gippsland, Nicholson Street Gallery, Bairnsdale


  • Naive Art group first exhibition Images of the Naïve, Woodsedge Gallery, Lakes Entrance

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